Guiding Principles Behind our Work

People are different
There is more than just one truth in most questions of life. This is due to the fact that people are assessing the same issue differently, and this for good reasons which are resulting from personal experience of life, individual ideals and a specific situational comprehension.
If these good reasons are understood and respected, there will be an increasing willingness towards tolerance, cooperation and compromise – variety may thus be experienced as an enrichment.

Truth before beauty
Clarity is more important than good feelings: Only if the (subjective) truth is allowed to be brought open a solid basis for togetherness will be established. This, however, requires a climate in which all thoughts and feelings that really matter can be discussed constructively and free of fear.

Conflicts are our resources
Conflicts are part of everyday life wherever people with different moral values and standards and in their various roles come together. Looking hastily for a solution to a quandary often reaches an impasse. However, solutions will often fall into place if time and strength of nerves are invested in clarifying essential topics carefully.

Understanding, Experiencing and Acting complement each other
Those who only absorb the subject of a seminar, or act exclusively emotionally-driven in a conflict situation or in a training confine themselves to learning techniques only, will fall short. Our focus is on balancing these three segments of holistic learning.

Humor helps
Working on challenging tasks requires many resources one of them being humor. Searching doggedly for results often hampers constructive developments and limits our view on what is possible. Adopting a humorous approach to demanding situations helps to relax and allows new, unforeseen developments.