Spirit, Passion and Many Years of Experience

For more than 25 years we have been giving support and advice to our clients in various processes of personnel and organisational development. To us successful work means: dealing with strained situations in an empathic, undaunted attitude and communicating complex topics intelligibly and implementation-oriented. Besides our shared values and focus, each of is contributing a wide range of thematic areas as well as differentiated professional experience.

Many of the models and methods we are applying are derived from ‘Hamburg School of Communication Psychology’ established by our colleague Friedemann Schulz von Thun with his books ‘Miteinander reden’, and constantly honed over the past 25 years in close cooperation with our team and other members of „Arbeitskreis Kommunikation und Klärungshilfe“. More information about open advanced training curricula covering these topics, and with our participation can be found on „www.schulz-von-thun.de“.